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A romantic setting to inspire and celebrate, your ceremony can be indoors in our elegantly appointed Roberts Room or outdoors at one of our scenic locations overlooking our resort-style pool and beautiful gardens. Allow your guests to enjoy the convenience of one location for your ceremony and reception. Our spacious Bridal Suite is the perfect place for your pre-ceremony preparation and special photographs.

Our Roberts Room has beautiful arched windows, charming décor and a warm inviting atmosphere for a setting worthy of your special day.

The covered Patio Terrace, comfortably seating 200 guests, ensures an outdoor ceremony without the worry of inclement weather.

And finally, as one of the most unique ceremony areas in the Philadelphia area, enjoy your vows poolside in front of our beautiful natural stone waterfall and beautiful garden with unlimited seating. Your guests will immediately realize they are somewhere special—the RiverCrest Golf Club.

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